LMU 20 Year Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report

Notice of Completion
Chapter NameFile Size, KiloBytes
Vol I Table of Contents534
I Executive Summary597
Vol II Table of Contents537
II Project Description10723
Vol III Table of Contents488
III Environmental Setting1031
Vol IV Table of Contents492
IV 0 EnvImpactsLeader118
IV A 0 Aesthetics and Visual108
IV A 1 Aesthetics and Views8498
IV A 2 Shading78482
IV A 3 Light and Glare1112
IV B 0 Air Quality Intro107
IV B 1 Air Quality8992
IV B 2 Global Climate Change496
IV C Biological Resources253
IV D 0 Cultural Resources Intro105
IV D 1 Paleontology199
IV D 2 Archaeology281
IV D 3 Historic270
IV E Geology16422
IV F Hazards5661
IV G Hydrology and Water Quality2162
IV H Land Use1219
IV I Noise3598
IV J 0 Public Services Intro110
IV J 1 Police255
IV J 2 Fire948
IV J 3 Recreation & Parks235
IV K Traffic13092
IV L 0 Utilities Intro112
IV L 1 Water Supply426
IV L 2 Wastewater4012
IV L 3 Solid Waste281
IV L 4 Energy289
Vol V Table of Contents495
V Growth Inducement170
VI Alternatives551
VII Effects Found Not to be Significant208
VIII Irreversible Changes156
IX Org Persons References238

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